Logistics Modernization Program (LMP)

LMP Mission and Objectives at CAAA

The Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) is the Army's core initiative to totally replace the two largest, most important warfighting support National-level logistics systems; the inventory management Commodity Command Standard System (CCSS), and the depot and arsenal operations Standard Depot System (SDS). LMP is a backbone for achieving Army Log Domain Strategic IT Plan and the Single Army Logistics Enterprise (SALE) vision.

LMP leverages an international industry standard application, SAP, which provides integrated logistics management capability to manage supply, demand, asset availability, distribution, and maintain data, financial control and reporting. LMP supports the Core Business Mission strategic capabilities specifically in the areas of weapon system life cycle management, Materiel supply and service management while supporting financial management. It delivers an integrated production management capability supporting critical systems such as the armored, wheeled and aviation fleets, and command and control electronics delivery systems for the warfighter and foreign military sales (FMS) operations. LMP's phased implementation assures continuity of current supply chain solutions during critical Operations for Iraqi Freedom (OIF).

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