Letterkenny Munitions Center

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Installation Overview

Letterkenny Munitions Center is a tenant on Letterkenny Army Depot and occupies approximately 16,000 acres of the depot�s total 18,668 acres. The Center has more than 1,100 structures including: 902 igloos, 10 standard above-ground magazines,20 supply warehouses, 16 maintenance and operations buildings, munitions sheds, administrative buildings and other various support buildings. LEMC has 128 miles of paved road, 30 miles of rail track, two major containerization pads and 25 rail docks.

Installation Competencies

LEMC is a Strategic Mobility Platform providing munitions, missile support and is a center for surveillance, receipt, storage, issue, testing and repair for the Army Tactical Missile System and Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System missiles, Air Force and Navy Sidewinder, Sparrow, High-speed Anti-radiation Missile (HARM), Joint Air-to-Surface Stand-off Missile (JASSM), and the Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM). LEMC is a training site for Reserve ammunition units. Major Capabilities also include demilitarization, resource recovery and reutilization for missiles and missile components, shipping container repair, missile container repair, and renovation of conventional munitions.

Capabilities at a Glance


Letterkenny Army Depot was established in 1941 and began operation in 1942 as an ammunition and general supply storage depot. In 1961, LEAD's ammunition operation began supporting Army air defense missiles and Air Force air intercept missiles. The missile mission now encompasses Army, Air Force and Navy systems. In 1999, the Directorate of Ammunition Operations was renamed Letterkenny Munitions Center and command and control was transferred to Crane Army Ammunition Activity, Crane, IN.